Nova offers a variety of courses that help students advance in English, Maths and Computer skills.

Our courses are tailored to the specific needs of our students and target different levels ranging from entry to advanced levels. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the course you’re interested in. For more information click on the link provided with every description.

Our courses can help you develop the skills you’ll need to find a job and advance with your career.
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English at Nova

Get better at writing, reading and speaking in English with our short courses focusing on real-life situations. See the timetable for this course.

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Maths at Nova

Learn new ways to manage numbers that will help in everyday life and at work. Choose the maths skills you want. See the timetable for this course.

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Computers at Nova

Find out how to use your computer, tablet or mobile phone to access the information you need.
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Employability Workshops

Nova has developed a range of friendly and supportive workshops that will help you find the job you want. See the timetable for this workshop.

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Why join Nova?

All Nova learners receive a “unique learner number” which is recognised nationally and keeps track of the qualifications you achieve.
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