Privacy Notice for service users – how your personal information is used

Nova New Opportunities is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This notice explains when and why we collect personal information about people who use our services, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.  

We also explain your rights and how to contact us.

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 Nova is the data controller and data processor for any personal data processed by Nova.

We advise that this policy is subject to change, so please check our website on a regular basis for any further changes.

We promise:

  1. To keep your data safe and private
  2. Not to sell your data
  3. To give you ways to manage and review your marketing choices at any time
  4. To stop using your personal information when requested. You have the right to access, rectify or ask for your personal data to be erased

Who are we?

Nova New Opportunities (Nova) is a registered charity (no.1158238) and the registered address is 2 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL.

How do we collect personal information from you?

We get information about you when you complete our user registration form during your first visit to Nova. If your first visit to Nova is to attend one of our events you will be asked for your name and contact details. If your first visit to Nova is to register to use our services regularly, the following information will be collected:

Type of personal information Description
Contact Where you live and how to contact you – address, email address, telephone number
Personal Name, address, date of birth and contact information for you and an emergency contact based in the UK.
Socio-demographic This includes details about your employment status, current and previous work or profession, nationality, year you arrived in the UK and education
Documentary data Details about you that are stored in different formats, or copies of them. This could include things like your passport
Disability You will be asked about any disabilities including physical disability, mental health and learning difficulties. 
Racial or ethnic origin   The law and other regulations treat some types of personal information as special. This includes racial or ethnic origin. There is an option not to answer this question.


Consents Any permissions, consents or preferences that you give us. This includes things like how you want us to contact you
Financial Which, if any, benefits you receive
National Identifier A number or code given to you by a government to identify who you are, such as a National Insurance number


We later supplement the information that you provide with other information we get while you are using Nova services.

What does Nova use your personal information for?

  • To work out which courses or Nova services may be of use to you and tell you about them
  • To confirm your identity and eligibility for Nova projects
  • To contact you to remind you of appointments or to advise you of changes to our services
  • To invite you to events or classes
  • To get in touch with your emergency contact when necessary
  • To seek your consent when we need it to contact you
  • To keep our records up to date
  • In order to provide monitoring data to Nova funders
  • In order to administer payments made to Nova
  • In order to comply with regulations which apply to us

Where does Nova store your personal information?

  • All your personal information is entered onto Nova’s database. In addition, your registration form and ID is scanned and uploaded to your personal profile on the database.
  • The registration forms and other hard copies of paperwork which include your personal information are stored in filing cabinets or cupboards on Nova premises.
  • Your contact details are entered onto an EU based text message service database used for informing you of any changes to classes, appointments, upcoming trips etc
  • If you pay the course administration charge, your payment record will be stored on a secure EU based database  

How do we keep your personal information secure?

  • Your personal information is stored on a database hosted in the EU. This database allows the ability to erase personal data and pseudonymisation of an attendee to a sufficient degree. The storage centre has a reliable back-up system in order to restore the availability of access data in case of any problems
  • Your personal information is only viewed by Nova team members who have had an enhanced DBS check
  • All file storage cabinets are kept locked and the Nova premises are protected by a burglar alarm when unoccupied


Who does Nova share your personal information with?

Nova will only share your personal information collected on the Nova registration form with:

  • A key worker specified on the registration form
  • Your emergency contact specified on the registration form
  • A translator/interpreter agreed on by you
  • Medical services, Police or Social Services in the case of an accident or safeguarding incident

As a charity, Nova receives funding from a variety of sources. Some of these funders require your personal information as a condition of providing the funding. When this is the case, you will be asked to enter some of your personal details onto an additional form which shows clearly the name of the funder and be required to read and agree to that funder’s privacy agreement. Nova will only share the information on that form with the funder.  Nova has a data sharing protocol with all funders in that position.

How long does Nova store your personal information for?

We review our retention periods for personal information on a regular basis.  

  • Your records will remain on the Nova database for up to 4 years after your last attendance
  • Nova registration forms and other hard copies that include personal information will be securely destroyed 2-3 years after your last attendance
  • If you are enrolled onto a Nova project where the funder has specified a longer retention period, you will be advised in writing of the retention period for that project
  • Nova is legally required to hold some types of information to fulfil its legal and / or accountancy obligations

Your rights to access your personal information

You have a right to receive a copy of the personal data we hold about you. To obtain a copy of the personal data we hold on you, please write to the Nova Director, Nova New Opportunities, 2 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL.

How to amend or update your contact details

If you would like to amend or update your contact details, visit the Nova office or send an email to   

What to do if you want us to stop using your personal information?

You have the right to object to our use of your personal information, or to ask us to delete, remove, or stop using your personal information if there is no need for us to keep it. There may be legal or other official reasons why we need to keep or use your data but please tell us if you thing we should not be using it. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time by contacting Director of Nova in writing.

Please let us know if you are unhappy with how we have used your personal information. You can do this in person at the Nova office or send an email to   

You have a right for your information to be moved elsewhere

The Nova database ensures personal data can be supplied in machine readable format for data portability.