We are counting on your support

In the summer of 2017, Nova established the Wider Community Programme as a direct response to the results of feedback from local users and the existing Nova team. We are seeking to add this further service as a permanent part of our offer to local people.

The purpose of the Nova Wider Community Programme is to build a year-round curriculum of activities through the lens of Nova’s ethos and core purpose of building skills and confidence. To bring a wider range of local people together to break down barriers and build relationships through creative, learning and pastoral activities that support our community to heal, rebuild and have a voice.


Your contribution however big or small can make

“Nova is about community, people, hope and opportunity.”  “This place is a lifeline for so many local people”

There are many ways to donate:

  • Cash: ask for an envelope at Nova’s Reception
  • Cheque: make cheques payable to Nova
  • Online: by following this link and making a secure online donation through Virgin Money Giving

Why we need your support

  • Two-thirds of the residents’ children live in overcrowded accommodation

  • The average wage in RBKC is £101,000, with the mean £36,00 – the mean average wage in Golborne is £18, 500

  • There is a 19-year difference in life expectancy for men in the wealthier parts of the borough than for men in Golborne – amongst the Moroccan community the difference rises to 28 years

  • Owner-occupancy is decreasing (down 2.4%), private rented sector is increasing (up 9.1%)