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The widest disparity in income of all the UK

Kensington and Chelsea brings to mind vibrant streets, world-class restaurants, stunning parks and historic palaces.

A wonderful place to live, but not for everyone …

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Cash: ask for an envelope at Nova’s reception
Online: by following the link to Virgin Money Giving

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Fighting the Causes of Social Division

Helping Make Society More Equal

Nova is actively fundraising £16,000 by Friday 14th June 2019 to continue delivering its services. On the Wider Community Programme alone, we engage over 600 community members in social change events that expand horizons and opportunities.

Examples include beach trips, coding workshops and museum visits – opportunities that families would have otherwise struggled to access.


Felt more supported in the aftermath of Grenfell
0 %
Families experienced a positive impact on health and wellbeing from Family Programme
Experienced improved engagement with community, family and friends
0 %
Children report having made new friends on the Family Programme
Human Library attendees more likely to challenge prejudice
Help us fund another 36 years in the community!

Your contribution of any amount can make a BIG DIFFERENCE

“Nova is about community, people, hope and opportunity”
“This place is a lifeline for so many local people”

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Family Programme


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