Nova New Opportunities

We target the causes of inequality

Nova helps people from diverse backgrounds move forward with their skills, confidence and employability such as:


Those who have missed out on educational opportunities
Women returning to work
Long-term unemployed
Minority ethnic groups, migrant and refugee communities

A vital stepping stone

Nova supports over 1400 disadvantaged local residents to move into education.

We build skills in Maths, English and ICT and open doors through volunteering and participation at a time of tough economic conditions.

Finding a job can be a struggle

It’s hard for those who have missed opportunities to learn at school or have moved to the UK with little English. Nova welcomes everyone. We listen, we offer advice and support and we work together to achieve personal goals. Our courses lead to nationally recognised qualifications that can unlock further study and job opportunities.


Initially housed in a church basement on Lancaster Road 36 years ago, and now at Thorpe Close in North Kensington, Nova is situated in one of the poorest wards in the country. It aims chiefly to help those living in the margins of society who are finding it difficult to make a go of their lives. Having focused on teaching local people vital basic computer skills, Nova grew to offer a flexible mix of information, advice and guidance, classes and workshops.

We strongly believe:

  • Helping individuals helps families and communities
  • Everyone has something to offer
  • Motivated people deserve our help
  • People can develop and contribute whatever their life circumstances