Change of Sign-up Process

We are always trying to make the sign-up process as simple and as fair as possible, so we are hoping that the following will be easier and less stressful for everyone!

We will no longer have online and face-to-face sign ups. Instead, we would like everyone to send a text message to 07757 745544 at an agreed time by way of which they will be placing themselves in a virtual queue. We will then contact everyone in the order of their message arrival and they will tell us their choices over the phone. The places will be confirmed once we receive the deposit money. The deposit money will be returned upon receipt of a completed feedback form which will be emailed to you on Friday 25th October.

In order to put yourself in the sign-up queue for the October half term, you need to send a text message to 07757 745544 saying QUEUE on Monday 14th October on/from 6 pm. Any messages received before 6 pm or sent via Whatsapp will be void and will not count! 


  • Text QUEUE to 07757 745544 on Monday 14th Oct from 18:00
  • Do not text before 18:00 as your text won’t be placed in the queue
  • Do not send messages via Whatsapp
  • You can choose two activities and be placed on the waiting list for others
  • Trips/ activities require a £5 per family refundable deposit 
  • Chessington trip requires a charge of £5 per person
  • Deposit money must be paid before 15:00 on Thursday 17th October – please bring the correct deposit money as change cannot be given
  • Deposit money will be returned after you complete online feedback form