Let’s spend an afternoon together and celebrate our beautiful and resilient community!


Along with other communities up and down the country, we run this annual event to bring the local community together, celebrate kindness, respect and all we have in common. A movement inspired by the late Jo Cox, who was passionate that: “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”. Jo Cox, was killed on 16 June 2016. We believe there is a groundswell of people who reject divisive politics and simply want to bring our communities together and celebrate all that unites us. This is our chance.

Jo’s family and friends came up with the initiative and more than one hundred organisations are now supporting us, see our partners page for the full list!

This campaign is inspired by Jo Cox, but we expect people to take part for many different reasons. For us, it’s to also remember those we’ve lost and to celebrate the resilience and strength of community.