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Nova offers a range of Basic Maths, English, courses for adults at 12 venues throughout Kensington and Chelsea.

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Information, Advice and Guidance

Nova provides group and individual support for people looking to enter or re-enter employment, or for those in low-paid or insecure employment.

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Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation. We have a range of volunteering opportunities in Admin, Reception, Teaching, Information, Advice and Guidance, Marketing, Finance and HR.

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Case study: Bintu

Bintu came from Nigeria to settle in the UK over 40 years ago. She has raised her family in North Kensington and now has 11 grandchildren.

I missed out on my early education the first time round. I have always been eager to learn and I started coming to Nova last year because I wanted to catch up on what I had missed out on. Everyone at Nova is very respectful and the staff treat us all equally. I’ve made friends here and I want to continue for as long as I can. I feel much more confident in speaking and …



Why we need your support

Finding enough money to finance the organisation is a constant struggle.

  • A 12-week course costs £5,000
  • A one-day outreach course costs £500
  • A 30-minute advice session costs £50
  • A dictionary costs £20
  • A pack of photocopy paper costs £10
  • Each photocopy costs 10p